Return and Refund

We accept return or refund in case of: -

1) Wrong item been sent.
     If you found that the item you received was not what you ordered. Please contact us within a week from receival of your order. Please attach photos of received goods plus your order ID. Please email to We will decide either refund or exchange the goods. Only product which is in UNOPEN conditions are to be return/refund.

2) Insufficient amount been sent.
If you received item which is less than what your ordered. Please contact us within a week from arrival of your order, attach photos plus order ID. email to We will refund the goods which is lacking. 


We DO NOT accept return or refund in case of:-

1) Change of mind
     Order been send are not to be return or refund in the case of changing mind or products not as imagined for it to be. Order can be cancel in case it was not processed and shipped.

2) Missing parcel or damaged parcel
     In case of parcel went missing or damaged during the transit, please contact the shipping company, if you need our assistant do email us at We generally cannot compensate for the damage and losses caused by shipping company, as we entrusted the delivery to shipping company.

3) Reading material
     Reading material such as magazine, books, Compact Disc etc are non refundable.