Becky Customizer Webstore Relaunch

It been half a year since our webstore been disabled. Now we are back, not fully functioning yet, we try our best to get the things running again. Oversea shipping will be a headache as the courier service we using are still not fully functioning. Shipment freight still limited and it cost more, for certain country like Brunei have no service until further notice.
On the other hand, the product in my webstore are not 100% uploaded yet. We still need maybe a week more to complete syncing and categorize all our products.
The customer loyalty program are still intact, all the points accumulate previously are still in the system, please log in your account to check on the points and voucher. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ORDER YET.
We will update on the progress and also oversea shipment. Please follow my Facebook page for latest news.
Until next time, stay safe everybody.
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