Customer Loyal Program Updates

Customer Loyal Program Updates

Start from 22 November 2020. All vouchers claim and given will have 60 days validity before it expire.

This also include member birthday cash voucher, which we gave out to every member registered. Remember to log in and use the voucher before they expire.

We do apologize for any short coming of the reward program, for suggestion and inquiries, do chat with us in the chat box or email to

The rewards system 
New member (create account with email) will be given RM5 cash voucher (which expire in 60 days)

Points accumulate
RM1 spend = 1 point

Points needed to exchange cash voucher (60 days expiry)
RM5 voucher - 200 points to claim
RM10 voucher - 390 points to claim
RM20 voucher - RM780 points to claim

Referral Program
New customer get RM5 coupon. (60 days expiry)
Referral get 100 points.

VIP program:
VIP member: Spend RM500 to RM600 - reward RM10 coupon.
VIP Referral: Refer to 3-4 new customer - reward RM10 coupon.

*All previous overdue voucher will be clear starting from 5th December 2020.
*We reserve the rights to amend and change our reward system from time to time.


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