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KamenMojie KM Colour

Becky Law KM Colour Lacquer

KamenMojie a.k.a KM Colour is a Malaysia brand, who formulate and mix their own lacquer base paint locally. Not OEM but "home-brew". 

Their first launch 4 series + 2 special colors. The series which are Gold, Silver, Copper, Pearl and 2 metallic. Let's have a look how the colors look like.

Gold series

Silver Series

Copper series

Pearl Series

Special color (metallic)

All their colour are sell in 3 different size, 20ml, 60ml and 100ml.

20ml size are concentrate, which mean the user can add thinner as their preferences. Whereas the 60ml and 100ml are thinned, and ready to use.

For buyer outside of Malaysia, we do recommend to get the 20ml concentrate version. Any lacquer thinner will work well on the paints.

As an introduction to this brand, there're a buy 5 free 1 promotion, from now until 30 September 2021. Buy 5 20ml bottle and get one 20ml for free, same for 60ml and 100ml.

Promo code: KMCOLOUR

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