Fantasy Ausrüstung resin products

Fantasy Ausrüstung resin products

Becky Customizer Store become the authorized seller for Fantasy Ausrüstung creation. This line of product are all in resin with some futuristic steam punk design. Their first product are the four legged walker tank, Walker mk1.


The cast quality are not too bad, but still need some cleaning on the mold lines and some surface. Here are the work-in-progress for the walker tank i did early this year, It's selling USD45 in the US/Canada, it's selling at RM200 at Becky Customizer store. It's actually a steal for that price, for original creation product. . For the coming product, only have a teaser photo.


I don't have much info on it yet, but i believe the product can be kitbash. Beside, it's a product which encourage for kitbashing and customization. So, just let your imagination flows. For order, you can either add it to your cart and order, or you can drop me an email at

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