Customer Loyal Program Updates

Customer Loyal Program Updates

It's almost half a year since we launch the customer loyal program. Time to change some of the features. 

Start from 27 November 2019.

New register member will be given a RM5 coupon. (Create account with email)
Facebook like will gain 100 points.
Birthday reward - RM20 coupon.

Also reduce the points needed to exchange the coupons.
RM5 coupon - 200 points
RM10 coupon - 400 points
RM20 coupon - 800 points

Referral Program
New customer get RM5 coupon.
Referral get 100 points.

Also introduce new VIP program:
VIP member: Spend RM500 to RM600 - reward RM10 coupon.
VIP Referral: Refer to 3-4 new customer - reward RM10 coupon

In future the points for exchange freebies will be reduce as well.

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