Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

We had decided to launch this Customer loyalty program on  this store. To reward our customers and also to help increase the traffic / sales of our online store.

It's a point system that help you accumulate points, it can be exchange into coupon or freebies, at the moment only cash coupon are available for exchange, freebies and some special tools are still in planning and production. I will try to refresh the gifts every month or two.

Well, here's how you can start accumulate the points.
1. create account - 250 points (existing customer just need to sign in)
2. Facebook share - 150 points
3. Facebook like - 100 points
4. Birthday reward - 250 points
5. Spend RM 1 - 1 points

Also we have referral system, which your friend get RM5 coupon and you gain 80 points.

Rewards available to claim:
1. RM5 discount coupon - 350 points
2. RM10 discount coupon - 650 points

Thank you for the supports all these years.  :)  :) 

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