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UV Light curing putty (Free UV torchlight)

UV Light curing putty (Free UV torchlight)


UV light curing putty, cream type. Fast curing under UV light (45 seconds +)
Can be use for holes/gaps filling, repairing etc.

1. Apply UV putty on gaps and holes, remove excessive putty. Use toothpick or spatula for the job, as it's creamy and sticky.
2. Shine the UV light on the putty, for 45 seconds or more, depend on the thickness of putty applied. Secure the torchlight on a stand, and shine it on the part with putty.
3. After the putty harden, it can be sand with sandpaper.

Avoid contact with eye, wear glove or wash your hand after use.
**FREE UV torchlight** While stock last.

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