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Tiger Model WWII German BF-109 No.103

Tiger Model WWII German BF-109 No.103

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German air force BF-109E warplane is CUTE series plane model. It has the cute appearance and also the appearance is almost identical to the real one. Some features of real plane are saved and etched, and some local features are exaggerated and cartooned. It does not need to apply glue on the cartoon Bf-109E warplane plastics assembly model. The hatch cover uses the transparent plastic components. The cabin covers a seat operation rod, etc. the main wheel is rotary, and the delicate components at the rear side show the tail wheel. The propeller is rotary. The suite can be made to the German air force style and amazing dual-color coating. It contains an abundant water sticker, non-adhesive sticker and instruction on color coating.

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