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  • Becky Customizer

    Scale modeler for more than 15 years.

    Focus in online store for more than 7 years, and now we even have our own line of products.

    We aim to find the tools which value in money and great aid in model making.

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  • Finisher's

    Brand own by an automotive modeller. Produce high quality paints.
    We are Malaysia distributor and reseller.
    Product from Japan.

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  • G-Rework

    Brand of a dedicated Gunpla modeler.

    Who produce high quality water decal along with high finishing sample builds.
    Published books on how to custom your Gunpla and make it look professional.
    Product from Korea.

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  • HobbyMate

    Hobby shop owner and tool maker.

    Produce best chrome for airbrush.

    Base in Singapore.

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  • Acrylicos Vallejo

    Acrylic paint manufacturer with over 50 years experince and establishment.
    Our shop carry the Mecha color series and Game Color series.
    Product of Spain.

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    A brand which established in 2016, produce innovative tools and gadget for model making.
    Product from China.

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