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DSPIAE AT-FB Fine brush with replaceable tip

DSPIAE AT-FB Fine brush with replaceable tip

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Material: Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Nylon brush.
Packing Details:
Brush body*1 
Brush Tip*1 (4/0)

1. Do not drop or tap this product to avoid malfunction.
2. Clean brush in time after use to extend service life.
3. Keep out reach of children to avoid injury.

Instruction for use:
1. Loosen the thread to remove front part of the brush shaft. (be careful not to lose the spring).
2. Insert replacement brush tip into front section with attached spring, assemble with rear part of shaft.
3. Turn the rear end of the saft and read digits showed on the small window as recording reference of brush tip size.

4 color to choose from.
Red, Green, Grey, Black

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