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DSPIAE Moisturizing wet pallete PRO MP-01 PRO

DSPIAE Moisturizing wet pallete PRO MP-01 PRO

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Bigger and sturdier version of DSPIAE reknowned wet pallete, MP-01.
This expanded version now come with separated compartments for clean water / paints.
Also with smart design for water refilling and bigger surface of pallete paper ease your painting job.

MP-01 PRO come with:
- Moisturizing color mixing box x 1
- Water conductive paper (bibulous paper) x 3
- Color mixing paper (pallete paper) x 10

MP-02 PRO (coming soon)
- Refill paper

MP-03 PRO (coming soon)
- Refill paper

- Use only purified water to avoid breeding bacteria and/or mold.
-  Anti-fungal agent may be used to eliminate mold / fungal.
-  Store in cold place and avoid temperature higher than 40 C.
- Color mixing plate should avoid expose in direct sunlight for best result.
- Pay attention to the water level to avoid paint dry out.
- This product is design for acrylic paint and other water-based colors, not suitable for enamel and lacquer paints.
-  Color mixing paper / Pallete paper is not designed for repeated use. Replace with new piece after each session for best results.

Material: ABS &PP
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