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Vallejo Game Color Auxiliary Product

Vallejo Game Color Auxiliary Product

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Capacity 18ml

Auxiliary range includes a series of medius varnishes and thinners that are used to modify color characteristic, such as gloss, opacity or drying time.
   - Glaze Medium dilutes and delays color drying time.
   - Mixed with Metallic medium colors take on a pearlescent and metallic effect.
   - Diluted with Airbrush Thinner, 1 part thinner, 2 parts of color can be used in an airbrush.
Polyurethance arnishes offer great resistance to handling, can be applied by brush or with the use of an airbrush and dry very fast. They are used as a final protective coat and can be mixed with the colors to modify their gloss characteristics. The assortment offers different finishes, from Gloss to Ultra Matt.

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