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Becky Customizer BC-803 Cynoacrylate Adhesive / Super Glue

Becky Customizer BC-803 Cynoacrylate Adhesive / Super Glue

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Packaging: 20g

BC-803 is a newly formulated instant adhesive that bonds most substrates and is faster, stronger, and longer lasting than ordinary cyanoacrylate adhesive. 

Applications: Suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces: Metal, rubber, ceramic, laminated plastic, finger nails, leather, vinyl, cork, paper, cardboard, wood, brick, chipboard, textiles, etc. 

BC-803 Super glue come with Free applicator.
Step to use:
1. Puncture the tip with pin.
2. Fit the rat tail applicator on the tip.
3. Clean and dry the surface.
4. Apply glue on one surface only.
5. Hold the position for few seconds.
6. In case of drying glue on the applicator, just snip off the tip with scissor.

BC-803 Combo Pack
1. Convenient pack which enable you to use at anywhere and anytime. Included tools and material for gap and holes filling.
2. Microsphere filler - a light weight powder filler which able to fill bigger holes and gap, mix with super glue.
3. Toothpick - Convenient tool for mixing filler with super glue.
4. Rat Tail - Applicator which fit on the tip of the super glue minimize the outflow of the glue, better control when apply glue on small area.
5. Wax paper - use as platform to mix super glue with filler, no need to mess up your cutting mat or table.


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