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DSPIAE AT-TV Directional Table-top vise

DSPIAE AT-TV Directional Table-top vise


Product features:
The vise is made from aluminum alloy stainless steel and brass.
The vise has 14 Clamp handle socketsand 8 clamp handles.
These allow the vise to easily accommodate items of different sizes.
The surface of the vise has sandblasted finish that gives it a beautiful. resilient outer layer.
This vise is made from stainless steel which is steady and strong.
The knob is designed with human ergonomic principles, allowing the adjustments to be easy and effortless.
The DSPIAE vise will allow you to be more efficient in your model building.
The excellent build quality of the vise will speed up your experience when it comes to painting the pieces of your model.

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