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DSPIAE Modelling Epoxy Putty (AB Putty 100g)

DSPIAE Modelling Epoxy Putty (AB Putty 100g)


1. Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental swallowing.
2. Do not mix part A with part B during storage. Keep the package sealed in cool, dry place.
3. Best work in 20-25 C ambient temperature. Moisture your fingers with water to keep them from sticking with the putty.
4. Curing will slow down when embient temperature drop below 10 C and will stop when embient temperature is below 5 C.
5. Part B will get harder when temperature drops, and will regain softness once heated.
6. Thoroughly clean model parts and lightly sanding the surface to get it residue free before commencing any filling with this product.

net weight: 50g + 50g

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