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Green Stuff World Corrugater and Flexible tin foil

Green Stuff World Corrugater and Flexible tin foil

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Corrugater Tool
Corrugater Tool to corrugate metals.
We recommend using flexible metal foild, although other thin metals may be also used.
Maximum corrugated width: 7.5cm
Made of aluminum

Flexible metal foil
echnical metal foil easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife. Easy to paint.
The softness of this material allows it to be easily crinkled, creased and formed making it a very versatile material. You will be able to make your own plants, piece of cloth, banners, tubes, corrugated plates, etc...
Thickness: 0.2mm
Material: Tin / Pewter
Size: 10x45cm
Presentation of this material will be folded.
Magnets do not attract this material. Lead free.

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