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MENG Kids MOE-001 Titanic (Royal Mail Ship)

MENG Kids MOE-001 Titanic (Royal Mail Ship)

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Another product MENG has developed with the collaboration of Mr. Liu Naizhong is coming soon. Mr. Liu has recreated the eternal Titanic in a cartoon shape while keeping the exterior features of this giant ship.

The MOE-001 Royal Mail Ship Titanic is the first product of MENG’s MOE series. This new product series will feature snap-fit design and pre-colored parts which will offer easy assembly experience. There will be more interesting cartoonized subjects to be offered at relatively low prices. By avoiding the time-consuming assembly process and complicated painting, we believe that anyone can enjoy the fun of building models in their fragmented time.

The finished model of MOE-001 Royal Mail Ship Titanic is 100mm long and 64mm tall. This cute model ship is just in the perfect size to be hold in hand. Thanks to the snap-fit design and pre-colored parts, you can build it as a full hull or waterline ship. You can also easily see the different structures on each deck. Now let it join your cartoon model collection!

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