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Meng WB-008 PLA Navy Shan Dong

Meng WB-008 PLA Navy Shan Dong


This cartoonized product has continued the features of MENG Warship Builder series like snap-fit assembly design and pre-colored parts, so modellers can easily enjoy the fun of model building.

MENG has one more element for this Chinese equipment. The WB-008 Warship Builder – PLA Navy Shandong kit includes a compact ocean diorama base.

The J-15 heavy carrier-based fighters and Z-18 helicopters carried on Shandong are also cartoonized. What’s more, they can be displayed as parking on the flight deck and flying in the air in this model.

The important close-in air defense weapons like HHQ-10 short range air defense missiles and Type 1130 close-in weapon systems are also reproduced in this model kit.

Come and get this interesting, powerful and cute cartoonized Shandong model.

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