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Thunder model German Flat Wagon Ssyl (35904)

Thunder model German Flat Wagon Ssyl (35904)

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During WWII many Russian wagons of different types and age were captured and then used in German service. Among them there were hundreds of 50t four-axle almost new flatbeds and low sided wagons. Some minor changes were made by wagon factory in Koln, German bogies - usually just axles with wheels - replaced, if not changed already earlier right after the capture, couplings, sometimes buffers and brake system, and then wagons suitable most for transport of military vehicles left immediately the factory to headed back to service. Besides of them also production of similar original German SSy wagon series were running in Koln factory.

- 240 + plastic parts [2xA1, 2xA2, 4xB, X]
- faithfully reproduced and highly detailed chassis and Diamond bogies
- accurately molded according to the factory drawings
- PE detail sheet, decal options

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