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Accion Press Landscapes of War - The Greatest guide diorama (vol. 1, 2, 3)

Accion Press Landscapes of War - The Greatest guide diorama (vol. 1, 2, 3)

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Vol 1
115 pages.
A complete book dedicated to how to make dioramas; different kinds of natural landscapes that became the war scenarios during WWII. A beach in the Pacific Ocean, a war-ravaged Russian forest or a European landscape in both fall and winter variations are some of the elements depicted in this book. Water, ice, icicles, snow, rock cracks, coniferous woods are explained around big sharp pictures and step by step procedures.

Vol 2
200 pages.
The second Volume of the World acclaimed Landscapes of War. It covers in detail how to obtain the most life like natural landscapes in scale of the most known combat environment scenes. Trees, rocks, ivy, grass, ferns, moss, water, beaches, snow and ice are depicted as never has been done. This volume covers Tunisia, summer fields, Ardennes, Hurtgen forest, Belarus in summer and Normandie bocage. A complete research of the products available on the market in order to achieve the maximum realism in the shortest time.

Vol 3
160 pages.
The new book on “Landscapes of War” series invites the modelers to take a trip through the most important rural scenarios of European WWII.  This book easily explains the use of the new materials which are easily available to the modeler for building realistic looking dioramas following the step by step processes described.
Modelers from three different European countries get together in order to portray the most important rural scenarios of WWII.
Curiously enough, each author has chosen to portray the buildings foreign to their own environments, so Frederik Astier (French) has made a German scenario, Volker Bembennek (German) has chosen a French scene, Javier Redondo (Spanish) has created an Italian building and Robert Doepp (German) makes a pretty standard bridge scene. 
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