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DSPIAE Stainless Steel T Ruler (SST-01)

DSPIAE Stainless Steel T Ruler (SST-01)

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Stainless Steel T Ruler.
Dimensions: 169*84mm

1. take out the shorter (vertical) uler and place it face up, exactly on th efull size assembly pattern printed on the packing. A double size stape may be used to fix it in place temporarily.
2. Place a drop of Low-fogging Gel CA on the center of the vertical ruler.
3. Use full size reference as guide, glue the longer horizontal ruler with the vertical one and complete the assembly.
4. Place the vertical ruler against sheet with horizontal ruler above the sheet, make measurement and cut.

1. Keep out of children under 10 of age to avoid injury made by sharp edges.
2. Do not drop or bend this product to avoid damage and malfunction.
3. Be very careful when assembling the rulers to achieve an absolute perpendicular with each other.
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