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Gemo Shrink Master (UV putty liquid type)

Gemo Shrink Master (UV putty liquid type)

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Capacity: 30g

Product details:
1. Keep it in cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
2. Use 3W-5W 395nm UV flashlight.
3. Thickness max 1mm, curing time ranges from 20 seconds to 1 minutes.
4. Recommend using GEMO UV flashlight for best result.
5. Heat may generate during curing process.
6. Avoid direct skin contact.
7. Do not swallow or get in contact with eye. If accidentally exposed, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
8. Keep this item away from children.

Have you ever encountered the following "problems" when filling in gaps, holes, or shrinkage with Traditional model putty?
1.Takes longer to cure ❌
2.Severe shrinkage after curing ❌
3.Strong odor ❌
4.Cannot be used on sharp edges, structure too brittle ❌
Based on the above problems, Gemo have made improvements and optimizations to address the problems.
1.UV technology shortens curing time significantly✅
2.No shrinkage after curing✅
3.Light smell that can be ignored✅
4.Strong structure that can be used on sharp edges✅
Does Gemo only solve the above problems? Of course not. We also retain the excellent performance of traditional model putty.
1.Can adhere to plastics, even when polished very thin, not easy to fall off✅
2.Moderate fluidity✅
3.Easy to polish (similar hardness to plastic)✅


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