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KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Ludens Plastic Model (by Kotobukiya)

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Ludens Plastic Model (by Kotobukiya)

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Sculptor: Katsuhiko Hori

"Ludens", the symbol character of Kojima Production which is founded by the famous game creator Hideo Kojima.
It has been redesigned into a "Bishoujo" appearance by Youji Shinkawa, the art director of Kojima Production!

-Figure comes with a "Spear Flag" which has Kojima Production's logo printed.
-There are 2 types of flag part included: the black one in design illustration and the clear green one which is seen in the promotion video.
-"Normal face", "Staring face" and "Smiling face" are included.
-All facial expression parts are pre-painted.
-The set includes a skull mask for wearing on face and another one for holding in hand.
-Comes with arm and leg parts without the EVA (extra-vehicular activity) creative suit.
-Including "wearing suit" and "without suit" versions, there are total 10 types of hand parts.
-A backpack part with new design is included.
-Comes with decals of eyes, logo, etc.
-The figure has certain compatibility with the "Byakko" from the Frame Arms Girl series which is designed by Youji Shinkawa.
-The 3mm dia. attachment holes are compatible with the weapon parts of the existing M.S.G. series, Frame Arms Girl, Frame Arms series figures.

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