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Phrozen X Madworks Light Curing Putty (60g)

Phrozen X Madworks Light Curing Putty (60g)

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weight: 60g

---- ATTENTION----
- Avoid direct sunlight.
- For thickness between 1mm-8mm, cure the UV Light for 15- 3 mins. Curing time varies depending on the thickness.
- Avoid direct contact with skin to prevent allergies.
- Incase of eye contact, rinse thoroughly and seek medical attention immediately.
- After a long exposure time, the putty ma have a higher temperature. Please handle with cautions.

---- Instructions ----
1. Please clean the model joint and remove any dust and dirt particles before use.
2. Use the scraper to appy the curing putty.
3. Curing putty can be used to fix model joints or to modify the shape design of the model.
4. Use Phrozen Cure Beam(405nm) or other curing lamps with LED specifications of 395nm or above.
5. Use alcohol to smoothen out the putty and clean the excess.
6. For Maximum result, cure with UV light at a 1cm distance from the part to ensure the light can enter through the bottom.

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