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Plamokojo Sustainable Nipper Advance - Racing Miku 2023 Ver. (Blade Replaceable)

Plamokojo Sustainable Nipper Advance - Racing Miku 2023 Ver. (Blade Replaceable)

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The first "Single-edged nippers with replaceable cutting blades in the industry", now with a Racing Miku 2023 theme

- [Sustainer Nipper Advance] is the industry's first model nipper that uses interchangeable blades.

- Even if the blade breaks or loses its sharpness, by replacing it with a new blade, the same nippers will be as sharp as new.

- Since the main body is made of stainless steel and the blade is made of tungsten, it is resistant to rust and can be used for a long time with little maintenance.


- The single-edged nipper, which is characterized by its outstanding sharpness that does not leave white marks on plastic model parts, is now an indispensable tool for beautifully finishing plastic models.

- In order to realize its sharpness, the blade is thin and sharp, and the opposing blades are flat like a cutting board.

- However, because the runner of the plastic model is very hard, the thin blade is easy to wear, and it is not good to use it for a long time while maintaining its sharpness.

- The Sustainer Nipper Advance is a single-edged nipper that allows you to replace the blade like a design knife and regain the same sharpness as a new one.

- The blade can be removed and inserted simply by loosening the bolt, and the blade can be easily replaced.

- By replacing only the cutting edge, you can continue to use it with sharp sharpness while reducing maintenance costs.


[Sharpness that does not lose even with exchangeable type]

- The specially designed replacement blade achieves sharpness comparable to that of ordinary single-edged nippers.

- As well as the main body, the cutting edge is made of highly rigid material, so it can be used with sharp sharpness anywhere from the tip to the base of the blade.

- You can also cut plastic with a thickness (about 3 mm) like a runner.

- The thin and hard cutting edge gives a beautiful finish with little whitening on the cross section.


[Grip that pursues a comfortable grip]

- After repeated research, we analyzed the force applied to the hand and developed an easy-to-grip grip shape.

- By fitting to the line of your fingers, you will not get tired even if you use it for a long time, and you can hold it stably.

- In addition, the power of the thumb can be effectively transmitted to the cutting blade, allowing the gate to be cut with a light force.

- Furthermore, by attaching a finger hook attachment to the rear end of the grip, you can increase the holding feeling of the nippers and get a more stable feeling of use.

- After use, it can be safely stored with the included protective cap.


[2-way screwdriver convenient for blade replacement! ]

- "Sustainer Nipper Advance" comes with a dedicated 2way driver.

- Two types of drivers are integrated, one for blade replacement and one for fine adjustment of blade engagement.

- The tip is magnetic and can be attached and detached.


[Includes a cap to protect the blade]

- "Sustainer Nipper Advance" comes with a dedicated cap.

- When attached to the nipper body, a space is provided inside the cap and at the tip of the blade to prevent impact from being transmitted to the blade and protect it.

- Can be easily removed when in use.


[Dedicated replacement blade set will be released at the same time! (sold separately)]

- A replacement blade set for replacing the blades of the "Sustainer Nipper Advance" will be sold separately at the same time.

- 3 spare blades and 3 spare screws to fix the blades are included in the storage case.


Product specifications:

- Set contents:

Sustainer nipper Advance body x 1

Sustainer blade x 1

Protective cap x 1

2way driver x 1

Finger attachment x 1


- Material:

Advance Sustainer Nipper Body: Stainless Steel

Sustainer blade: Tungsten carbide

Cap: Polypropylene

2way driver: Chrome vanadium steel

Finger attachment: Silicon


- Product size:

Main body of Sustainer Nipper Advance: about W50×H118×D12mm

Sustainer blade: about W5.1 x H15 x D1mm

Protective cap: about W19 x H30 x D9.5mm

2WAY driver: about W9 x H66mm

Finger attachment: about W14 x H32 x D12mm

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