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Single Model SM.03 Sazabi Custom

Single Model SM.03 Sazabi Custom


SM.03 SAZABI CUSTOM features a big badass robot project from the amazing world of Gundam mecha -- 1/100 Bandai MG Sazabi Ver Ka kit built with minor modifications, and given a special one-of-a-kind RSP custom paint job. The realistic painting and weathering techniaues, products, and new ideas seen and described by series author Michael Rinaldi are used to illustrate how they apply to Gunpla and large mecha projects alike.

6.5" x 7.5" SM.03 the largest SM book yet at 136-page in length, softcover with special Linen paper stock, perfect bound. Designed to create a cool and unique hobby publication unlike anything else available, with tons of tactile feel and style; loaded with excellent learning content meant to teach, inspire and motivate you for your own scale modeling projects.


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