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Super Glue Accelerator Blaster / Becky Customizer BCS-C33B (30ml)

Super Glue Accelerator Blaster / Becky Customizer BCS-C33B (30ml)

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Capacity: 30ml
Super Glue accelerator, with spray bottle type.

Use method:
Best use on resin and metal figures.
- For filling seam with Super Glue. Apply glue on seam/ panel line, spray the accelerator on the glue, wait 1-2 seconds then proceed with sanding.

- For glue-ing parts. Spray accelerator on part first, apply CA Glue on opposite part and combine both parts.

1. Keep in cool place away from flame or sunlight.
2. Avoid contact with eye & skin.
3. Use in well-ventilated place, do not breath in vapors.
4. Keep away from children.
5. Do Not spray on painted model kits.
6. Do Not spray on foam.
7. Extra precaution needed when spraying on plastic model.

FREE Super Glue BC-803 (20g) 

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