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TankArt 04 - German Armor

TankArt 04 - German Armor

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TANKART 4 German Armor is the fourth TA book and second one to cover the always popular subject, WWII German Armor. This 2nd Edition printing expands on the original edition by 64-pages utilizing additional chapter material to provide greater coverage. Each chapter inside TA4 has been given more pages to help cover on the processes better, including more images of the various steps, ideas, and thoughts behind each project or technique discussed.

• 8.5" x 9.5", expanded content from 224 to 288-pages.

• Matte-lamented softcover with Lay-Flat binding.
• Expanded Technique Proficiency chapter.

• Expanded Winter Whitewash section covering 5 models.
• 4 main model chapters showcasing an Ardennes Tiger II (Prod Turret w/zimmerit), Grille Ausf M in hard-edge 3-tone camo, a whitewashed Sturm 33B, and late-war Nashorn in disc camo.
• Special guest author chapter by Mario Eens and his Buetepanzer Char B1 bis

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